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    Part of the reason Duncan and I are building a teardrop trailer camper has to do with our camping luck, or lack of it. Case Study – Beaver Lake, Arkansas We spent a week in a tent at Beaver Lake for our anniversary. We hiked around the park, fly fished, read in a hammock, and relaxed by […]

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  • Paris – Day 4


    Giverny We hopped a train, then a bus, and ended up at Claude Monet’s house. I clearly remember the first time I saw Water Lilies in a textbook and thought it looked like dreams. What I didn’t realize was that Monet wasn’t painting dreams, he was painting his backyard. A foundation now keeps his expansive backyard garden […]

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  • Paris – Day 3


    Arc De Triomphe* (€9,5/person, €19 total) Now we’re doing Day 4. A quick metro ride takes us directly to the Arc de Triomphe. I don’t have high expectations here, but it turns out that this is really cool. There’s a museum inside at the top of the arc. I’m flabbergasted to find out that it was […]

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  • Paris – Day 2


    Panthéon* (€8,5/person, €17 total) We get told not to eat our croissants on the steps of the Panthéon. So we finish them outside of the fence before we go inside. It’s beautiful. There’s a tiny replica Panthéon in one of the rooms and we spend some time looking at that before we go downstairs into the mausoleum. They […]

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  • Robber’s Cave State Park


    “You know those blue people from that movie?” my 75 year old great Aunt Joyce asked. “Smurfs,” replied Granny Sue. “No, the other blue people.” Aunt Joyce argued. This went on for 5 minutes, but they finally figured it out. Avatar. “Well anyway, I decided I am like those Avatar blue people. Remember when the guy […]