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  • Arriving in Marseille


    First you travel. The excitement of going masks the boredom of getting there. You get on a plane, then off. Then on, then off. Then on, then off. You plan to sleep over the ocean, but the airline is determined to feed you. Every time you get comfortable and start to sleep, they come through […]

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  • Long Overdue Update


    Normally I don’t worry too much about the blog posting schedule. Jess and I think it’s more important to write when we have something to write and wait for inspiration when we don’t. But lately, our lack of posting isn’t due to lack of inspiration. We’ve had no time to write because we’re too busy doing […]

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  • More Books


    So Jess wrote about books that make her want to travel, and it got me thinking about the books I read while I’m traveling. For reasons currently unexplored, I typically choose biographies. This could have something to do with my tendancy to read a lot of non-fiction, and to save the decently long books for […]

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  • Nice Planning

    Nice, by Raoul Dufy

    So I started planning a trip to Italy, and I ended up booking a trip to France. This is the second time Italy has been passed over, so I feel like I need to start examining why I refuse to go to Italy. But that’s a different post. This is about the French Riviera.   […]

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  • Lufthansa 402

    Eiffel Tower from Tour Mount Parnasse

    As we board the flight from Frankfurt to Newark, he greets us with a robust “Guten Tag” and a wide smile. I smile back but say nothing as I turn into the rows and make my way to the Economy cabin. We find our seats and settle in, arranging iPads and socks and chap stick. […]