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  • Paris – Day 2


    Panthéon* (€8,5/person, €17 total) We get told not to eat our croissants on the steps of the Panthéon. So we finish them outside of the fence before we go inside. It’s beautiful. There’s a tiny replica Panthéon in one of the rooms and we spend some time looking at that before we go downstairs into the mausoleum. They […]

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  • Nice Planning

    Nice, by Raoul Dufy

    So I started planning a trip to Italy, and I ended up booking a trip to France. This is the second time Italy has been passed over, so I feel like I need to start examining why I refuse to go to Italy. But that’s a different post. This is about the French Riviera.   […]

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  • Colorado


      Sitting in a high school gymnasium at 2:30 a.m is not my perfect friday night, but here I am. Waiting. I feel like all I have been doing is waiting. Waiting for the drive to colorado to be over, waiting to hear anything, finally hearing something and waiting until midnight to go to the […]

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  • Paris – Day 1


    Arrive in Paris at 8:30 a.m. Well this sounded easier than it is. The airport is huge and the train terminal connected to it is confusing. We’ve taken the RER B to Gare du Nord like we were supposed to, but we have to take a different line from there and I’m not sure how to get there. […]

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  • Sebastian

    Fifth floor?

    “Come in, come in,” he says as he holds the door open for us. We are later than we anticipated, and now I’m worried that we have made him late for something as well. We drag our bags into the lobby area of the apartment building as quickly as we can. He gives us the […]

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  • The Paris Apartment

    The Sunroom of our apartment rental.

    While we normally plan vacations a year in advance and book at least 9 months out, we procrastinated with Paris. Some of it was because life was busy and there was little time to sit and plan. Part of it was because France was a new destination for us. There was a language barrier. Our attempts […]

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  • Cry Baby Hill

    A mermaid referee and "God Hates Figs"

    It’s 9:00 a.m. and I’m following Travis down a sidewalk in a ridiculously hilly downtown Tulsa neighborhood. In one hand I’m carrying a thermal bag of freshly fried chicken. In the other I’ve got a giant water jug and a grocery sack full of chips. Travis is pulling a wheeled ice chest that’s packed to […]

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  • The Wine Trip

    Our ride

    It was a day spent on a school bus that took us from winery to winery somewhere in Missouri. At each stop, we would pile off of the bus and spread out blankets. We would kick off our shoes and arrange snacks while bottles were purchased and glasses were filled. At the first stop, we […]

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  • Robber’s Cave State Park


    “You know those blue people from that movie?” my 75 year old great Aunt Joyce asked. “Smurfs,” replied Granny Sue. “No, the other blue people.” Aunt Joyce argued. This went on for 5 minutes, but they finally figured it out. Avatar. “Well anyway, I decided I am like those Avatar blue people. Remember when the guy […]