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    Since returning from Nice, you could say I’ve been a bit obsessed. In the span of a few weeks, I’ve created seven palm tree paintings, and I’ve got at least one more to go. While in Nice, we saw an exhibit of Raoul Dufy’s work and it set off fireworks in my brain. So I’ve […]

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  • Smashing Pennies


    It’s 8:00 a.m. and we’re up and dressed, on vacation. We’ve taken a bus and a tram to arrive on a side of Nice we haven’t visited yet. Here we’re boarding the elusive Bus 82. We were up late the night before, studying time tables to make sure we knew how to navigate the public […]

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  • Nice is Nice


    So far so good. We arrived in Nice with our luggage. We communicated with the bus station clerk and found our route to the apartment. We boarded the bus and I sat, with Travis standing beside me so that a little girl could take the remaining chair. The logistics of vacation was going well. We […]

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    So Jess wrote about books that make her want to travel, and it got me thinking about the books I read while I’m traveling. For reasons currently unexplored, I typically choose biographies. This could have something to do with my tendancy to read a lot of non-fiction, and to save the decently long books for […]

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    I read a lot of lovely, frustrating fiction that leaves me yearning for places I can never go. I’ll only visit Juraasic Park, Narnia, Yoknapatawpha county, and Hogwarts in my dreams. When I find a book that makes me want to visit a location and it’s possible, I want to jump in the car and […]

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  • Paris – Day 7


    Reims   There’s something you really need to understand about Reims. As you’re reading this, if you’re not familiar with the city or the French language in general, you’re reading it as Reems. Don’t worry, I did too. In pre-trip planning we would look up the pronunciation of Reims and become confused. Everything we looked […]

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  • Paris – Day 6


    Anniversary Day   We’ve got to get that carousel marked off the list. We spend the morning walking through Montmartre and checking out the carousel and the Montmartre funicular (included in our metro pass). We have croissants and coffee at a lovely sidewalk cafe. We go back to the Biscuiterie de Montmartre and purchase macarons […]

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  • Paris – Day 5


    Musée du Louvre (€12/person, €24 total) We’re basically going here because everyone has said we have to. The funny thing is that all of the people who tell you to go don’t sound like they had much fun themselves. They’ll tell you about how crowded it was and how the Mona Lisa was small and the […]

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  • Paris – Day 4


    Giverny We hopped a train, then a bus, and ended up at Claude Monet’s house. I clearly remember the first time I saw Water Lilies in a textbook and thought it looked like dreams. What I didn’t realize was that Monet wasn’t painting dreams, he was painting his backyard. A foundation now keeps his expansive backyard garden […]

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  • Paris – Day 3


    Arc De Triomphe* (€9,5/person, €19 total) Now we’re doing Day 4. A quick metro ride takes us directly to the Arc de Triomphe. I don’t have high expectations here, but it turns out that this is really cool. There’s a museum inside at the top of the arc. I’m flabbergasted to find out that it was […]