Long Overdue Update


Normally I don’t worry too much about the blog posting schedule. Jess and I think it’s more important to write when we have something to write and wait for inspiration when we don’t. But lately, our lack of posting isn’t due to lack of inspiration. We’ve had no time to write because we’re too busy doing the things we need to write about. So we’re behind. And even on deadlines that I’ve imposed on myself that mean nothing to the outside world, being behind stresses me out. This is my attempt at feeling better about all of that. I’m giving you a quick run down of what we’ve been up to and what we need to sit down and write about:


I went to New Orleans. I tried all the beignets. I saw a piano with swings being pulled down the street by a bicycle. One morning I walked into a bar looking for a bathroom and met a great bartender. I spent some time on Frenchmen street and listened to a great Brass band. I saw some really stunning art. I fell in love with the ceramic tiles that spell out street names. I drank lots of delicious, local craft beer and one really big, really alcoholic pina colada. I ate all the food. I smashed a penny at Cafe Du Monde and bought a Christmas Ornament at Cafe Beignet. I spent one quiet morning taking photos of door hardware. I stayed in a really great hotel and had a sort of awful flight.

I’m renovating my front and backyard, with amazing results. My front yard feels like the balcony of a tropical resort and my backyard is on it’s way to being the most fun ever. This has more to do with travel than seems. Someday I’ll write about it and you’ll see.

Cry Baby Hill happened again and it was glorious.

I’m getting ready for the Fourth of July in Washington D.C. Which means I’m sorting out my wardrobe, getting a loose itinerary together, and planning a vacation picnic. Vacation picnic logistics is something I should definitely tell you about.

Lake Weekend is at the end of July. I need to tell you more about what that is, and why I think it’s so very important to take that sort of trip.

Plane tickets got really cheap and we decided to go to back to Cologne. So that’s happening in September. We’ve got our AirBnb booked and a few plans, but I can’t concentrate on that until I’ve worked out and lived through the vacation picnic in DC. So far my goal is “eat all the food, drink all the beer.”


Jess went to NYC and needs to tell you what she learned about road trip food. It’s good stuff. She also needs to tell you about maple syrup.

She also went on a few work trips. One to San Francisco, where she went to a couple of wineries and took photos of pillows in a grape field. Seriously. Also to a waterfall in Oklahoma

And Colorado, where she took lots of beautiful photos of rocks, and I made fun of her because our instagram was rocks on rocks on rock. Which would actually be a good hashtag.

And she bought a house! This means that 1) She’s already made the four hour drive to IKEA once and 2) She’ll be able to more easily work on the Teardrop Trailer, because it lives in their garage now. Which means more road trips are on the horizon. She’s planning a big one for the end of the summer.

Summer in Tulsa is the best time of year. So outside of our travels to other places, we hope to tell you about the reasons you should come hang out here. Just this week there’s free yoga in the park, Food Truck Wednesday, and a free outdoor movie at the gorgeous Philbrook Museum of Art. There’s practically something fun to do every single day. And by the time our travels slow down at the end of the summer, it will be time for Oktoberfest in Tulsa. It’s a really, really big deal.

So that’s what we’ve got going on! It simultaneously why we haven’t had time to write, and why we desperately need to sit down and write.