Munich – in an email

Reflection in the facade of the train station

My friend Ashlee is headed to Munich this summer and asked for some info. I was more than happy to email her with some info I thought she’d appreciate. Here’s what I  told her:

We found a lot of the places we visited through SpottedByLocals. The quality of the posts varies a lot based on the writers, but we found that the Munich writers were decent and had good ideas.

We loved the Augustiner-Keller Biergarten. Arnulfrstraße 82. The tram stop Hackerbrücker is an easy walk to the entrance. The biergarten will sell traditional German food and Augustiner beer. You can bring your own food with you, but you have to buy beer there. We would purchase little salami sandwiches at the bakeries in the underground (U-Bahn) stations and bring them with us. The sandwiches were around a Euro each, so it was an easy way to save some money.

Here’s all the info you’ll need about public transportation. Munich is so easy, you’ll be fine. Buy the multi-day Partner ticket so that you and your husband and friends can all travel on one ticket at a great price. Look at the Deutsch Bahn website for timetables.

Nymphenberg was a great way to spend a morning. Rococo perfection.

It looks like you can get to Neuschwanstein castle by public transportation, but it might take a while. Renting a car and driving in Germany is easy.

This is more or less the tour we took at BMW Welt. If you don’t want a BMW when you walk in, you’ll want one by the time you leave. I now understand what “German Engineering” and “German Efficiency” really means. It’s incredible.

Karstadts are the Macy’s of Germany. If you find yourself in need of something you would normally buy in a department store, that’s your place.

If anyone on your trip has T-Mobile, you’re going to have a great cell phone situation. T-Mobile is owned by Deutsch Telecom and there will be hotspots all over the city. Not to mention, T-Mobile data and texting is free in foreign countries and their phones allow for tethering, so you’ll all have wifi/data.

Other things that need mentioning:

Münchens love Italian food and are close enough to Italy that a lot of the Italian restaurants are very good.

They think that weissbier (white beer) is for breakfast. It’s light and refreshing and I think they’re right.

Currywurst is the best thing ever. It’s basically German BBQ’d sausage. Most places will ask you about spiciness and want you to tell them 1-5 or mild/medium/hot.

Visit Hoffbräu to say you did, but don’t eat there. There are much better places to try traditional German food.

When exploring, don’t follow tourists – follow Germans.