Paris – Day 5

Musée du Louvre (€12/person, €24 total)
We’re basically going here because everyone has said we have to. The funny thing is that all of the people who tell you to go don’t sound like they had much fun themselves. They’ll tell you about how crowded it was and how the Mona Lisa was small and the lines were too long. Then they’ll say “You have to go!” I don’t have much interest in the Mona Lisa, but there is one thing I need to see. In my pre-trip research, I found out they have an Easter Island Moai and I have to see him. It took us forever to find him, as they buried it deep in the basement. We found it, took photos, and saw we still had the majority of the day left. So we swung by the Mona Lisa (I don’t get it), the Venus de Milo, and a great Egyptian exhibit before exiting via the glass Pyramid. 


Palais Garnier
Gorgeous photos of the opera house kept coming up in my pre-trip online research. When I read that it served as the setting for the 1910 novel Phantom of the Opera, I purchased our tour tickets. So worth it. We made lunch reservations and had a decadent meal in the Palais restaurant, then entered the building for our tour. I can’t explain to you how beautiful everything was, so I’ll just let the photos do the talking. New life goal: Attend a performance at the Palais Garnier. They also had a library that housed the sheet music for every performance they’ve had. Very cool.


Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris (€8,5/person, €17 total)
I’m not real European-churchy, the line was crazy-long, and the sign said it was 387 steps to the top. We decided the outside was pretty enough for us. Maybe we’ll care more the next time we’re in Paris.