Paris – Day 4

We hopped a train, then a bus, and ended up at Claude Monet’s house. I clearly remember the first time I saw Water Lilies in a textbook and thought it looked like dreams. What I didn’t realize was that Monet wasn’t painting dreams, he was painting his backyard. A foundation now keeps his expansive backyard garden in bloom, so that we can experience the same beauty he did. This was a day spent wandering aimlessly down pathways full of flowers in every color. I know we must have eaten lunch, but all I remember is the grounds of Claude Monet’s paradise.


Back in Montmartre, we visit a wine store where the shop keeper helps us pick out bottles of red wine. We put them in our travel case to raised eyebrows. “Where are you going with that?” he asks. “Oklahoma,” we answer. He tells us he went to college in Kansas. It really is a small world.


We also stop by a fromagerie and buy three delicious cheeses that are smelly in all the right ways. We cook dinner (eggs with herbs, cheese, and ham), drink wine and eat luxurious cheese. Later in the evening we take a stroll around the neighborhood and find some delicious gelato, and a wine store that serves wine by the glass.