The Best Coffee

Chalk Stenciled Walls
“It really is the best coffee I have ever had.” That was a lot coming from Josh, my barista friend. Josh works at Foolish Things Coffee, which I believe is the best coffee in Tulsa.So yeah, high standards.

“Also the owner has the sickest beard,” Josh threw in, like it was a selling point. Maybe it was.

I had to see if he was right, so I went to get the “best coffee of Josh’s life” at Sump Coffee in St. Louis, MO.

Upon walking in, I immediately spotted the owner. Okay, it is an impressive beard. I ordered a dirty chai and Duncan ordered a pour over. The pay-as-you-leave system gives Sump a very “we are friends” vibe. The walls are black with a chalk stencil of a bearded skull, flowers and coffee cups. The reclaimed wood furniture made Duncan envious.  One employee, who looked like he was plucked right out of a punk band, talked to us for awhile and told us about the beans they use.

Sump was the perfect start to our St. Louis day, and Josh was right about the coffee.

  • Sump Coffee – 3700 S Jefferson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118